Terms of service

Terms of service

OH Connect! is an online learning platform provided by Oxford House, a language school in Barcelona, Spain. It can be used as a way of integrating technology into the teaching and learning of English as a second language. OH Connect! is an open community and is available to be used as a language resource for anyone who would like to practice English online.


Intellectual property rights

We reserve only the rights necessary to facilitate the dissemination of content and material on this site. We support the intellectual property rights of the authors of those materials. We also support the use of open source software and the widespread dissemination and use of online materials consistent with the rights of our users and applicable law.


Who may register and make contributions?

Members of the faculty, administration, staff, students and friends of Oxford House may create accounts on OH Connect! provided that it is used as a platform for language learning. It is also used by Oxford House teachers and students as part of their course in our school. We will take all reasonable measures to keep information and users safe and to remove users who do not belong to our community of language learners. In addition to this, we reserve the right to remove contributions that are not related to the teaching and learning of English, also including but not limited to comments, groups, photos and links.

We hope your experience with OH Connect! will be enjoyable and productive.