We have class on Fridays from 15:30-18:30 with Kate.

  • Today we learnt animal vocabulary (p161) and used it to make sentences in the second conditional. We talked about phobias and read about them. We listened to people talking about how their phobia affects their daily life and talked about people we know who have phobias.
    We also did another assessment; listening.
    THIS IS YOUR WRITING…[Read more]

  • Today we practised making sentences with the first conditional and we learnt confusing verbs (page 160) e.g lend and borrow, wear and carry.
    We learnt about dangerous animals and learnt to make sentences about hypothetical situations using the second conditional (page 68 and 69)
    We also did a reading assessment.
    1. Grammar 9A on page…[Read more]

  • Today we remembered last week’s phrases with get and asked each other questions.
    We learnt about Murphy’s law and learnt how to make sentences with the first conditional (page 62 and 63)
    We also listened to a report about a family who had lots of bad luck on a trip and played a game.
    1. Grammar 8B on page 141
    2. Revise and check.…[Read more]

  • Today we learnt how to use should and shouldn’t to give advice. (page 60 and 61) and we learnt phrases with ‘get’
    1. Grammar 8 A on page 141.
    2. Write some advice to a friend who has one of the problme in exercise 6 on page 61

  • Today we learnt how to use modals of obligation (must, mustn´t, have to, don’t have to)we read about a journalist who did an intensive Spanish course and 4 tests in Madrid to test his Spanish.
    we did a competition ‘The Marshmallow challenge’ Laia and Nera because their tower was tallest.
    1. Grammar 7C on page 139
    2. Write the rules for tourists…[Read more]

  • Today we learnt about when to use gerunds. we had a competition- the boys won.
    We listened to an audio about singing and talked about how we feel about singing.

    1.Grammar 7B on page 138.
    2. Write a text similar to the ‘Happiness is…’ ones on page 54, but this time the title is ‘Boredom is…’ Use at least 3 gerunds and 3 infinitives.

  • Today we practised using to infinitives. We write a guide ‘How to survive your first day in new school’
    we played 2 games. Guillermo won ‘Kahoot’ and Merea won ‘Papers in a bag’
    Write a guide: ‘How to make a good impression on your first day of English class’ OR ‘How to make a good impression at a job interview’
    See you on Friday 21st…[Read more]

  • Here’s the cartoon about inequality and privilege that I showed you:

  • Today we practised asking questions to continue a conversation and make it more natural.
    We talked about meeting your girlfriend/boyfriend´s parents and read some advice. We learnt when we use to infinitive verbs and learnt which verbs are followed by infinitive verbs (page 158 part 1).
    1. Study the verbs with back on p47
    2.…[Read more]

  • Today we revised subject and object pronouns and we played a game. we then used object pronouns to give our opinions- this was our speaking assessment.
    We read about the meaning of dreams and we revised the past present and future.
    We talked to Kate and we got our end of term reports.
    Grammar 6C on page 137

  • Today we practised using the opposite verbs from last week to make predictions. we also listened to a radio programme about positive thinking.
    We learnt that we can use will and won’t to make when we decide, offer or promise to do something (page 46) and completed grammar 6B on page 137. We read and listened to a love story and made our own love…[Read more]

  • Today only Guillermo and Nerea came to class.
    We talked about our favourite bars and cafés and we did an activity about a café to practise too much, too many and not enough.
    We did a listening assessment and we learnt opposite verbs on page 157.
    we talked about pessimists and optimists and we learnt how to use will and won’t for predictions 6A o…[Read more]

  • Today we practised using superlatives and city vocabulary to talk about neighbourhoods in Barcelona.
    We talked about healthy and unhealthy things and learnt how to use quantifiers (page 40 and 41)
    1. Grammar 5C on page 135
    2. Write about your healthy and unhealthy habits

  • Today we talked about cities and learnt how to use superlatives (page 38) We read about an experiment to see which is the friendliest city and listened to the experiment in London.
    We also learnt vocabulary on page 156 ‘Describing a town or city’
    1. Grammar 5B on page 135
    2. Page 114 ‘Describing a town or city’ Do all exercises

  • Today we talked about how we live faster nowadays and read a text about how everyone is always in a hurry (page 36) We learnt how to use comparative adjectives and adverbs and compared things and situations (page 37)
    1. Grammar 5A on page 135
    2. Compare Barcelona with another city. Think about the people, the traffic, the buildings, the…[Read more]

  • Today we read about people who prefer the week to the weekend and we practised using somewhere, nobody, anything etc.
    We learnt the difference between -ed and -ing adjectives e.g. bored and boring (page 33) and asked each other questions.
    1. Revise and check on pages 34 and 35

  • Today we practised asking more questions with Have you ever…? and then with the past simple for more information.
    We did the first assessment of 2017; reading.
    We learnt how to use something, nothing anything etc (page 32)
    1. Grammar 4C on page 133
    2.Write a typical conversation about the weekend that people have at work or school on…[Read more]

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