We have class on Fridays from 15:30-18:30 with Kate.

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    Today we read about famous fathers and sons and mothers and daughters (page 72 and 73) and we learnt the difference between the past simple and present perfect (Grammar 9C on page 143) Homework: Practice past simple and present perfect- finish the photocopy (attached)
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    Grammar 6B on page 137 Homework: Finish the photocopy (attached) and practise offers, promises and instant decisions.
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    Today only Guillermo and Nerea came to class. We talked about our favourite bars and cafés and we did an activity about a café to practise too much, too many and not enough. We did a listening assessment and we learnt opposite verbs on page 157. we talked about pessimists and optimists and we learnt how to use will and won't for predictions 6A on page 44. Homework: 1. Grammar 6A on page 137. 2. Finish the photocopy (attached 'adjunto') with predictions.
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    Hi, In today's class we practised using the vocabulary from last week to describe people. we described two completely opposite personalities; Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. We learnt vocabulary for clothes (p151) and we learnt when to use present simple and when to use present continuous (page 8 and 9) we practised describing photos and we listened to others talking about a picture. Homework: 1. Grammar 1C on page 127 2. Choose one of the pictures (attached) and describe it