Here you will find the a summary of each class, a reminder of any homework set and a place you can share useful and interesting things that are relevant to learning English.

Course dates: 3/10/16 – 19/6/17

  • Class Summary Wednesday 26th April

    Today only Enrique came to class! We talked about Education and did an education quiz.

    Grammar 7A modals of deduction, look at grammar 7B first conditional.

    Send me any writing that you want to do.

    Remember there is no class next Monday as it is a bank holiday!
    Next Class Wednesday 3rd May

  • Class Summary Monday 24th April

    We started class talking about what we did on St Jordi. Then we looked at the 4 different pronunciations of the letter u.

    Then you spoke about your education and asked and answered questions.

    We did some listening about an Extraordinary School for Boys and to finish we had a debate about…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 19th April

    Today only David came to class!

    We talked about our Easter and then we went through body parts, modals of deduction and started talking about education.

    Page 161 vocab bank Education

    Modals of deduction ‘story’ about a stranger

  • Class Summary Wednesday 5th April

    Today we finished looking at modal verbs. Then we had a discussion about Easter. We read about Easter in the UK and looked at a traditional Easter food and what I would eat for lunch at Easter in the UK. We also did an Easter quiz.

    Grammar Page 148 – modals

    Create your own Easter menu e.g. what do you…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Monday 3rd April

    Today we looked at ‘judging by appearances’ page 58 in the book. We read the article and listened to the women describing the thief. We also looked at diphthongs and body parts e.g. beard, hair, eyes, nose etc.

    To finish we guessed the jobs using modals of deduction might/must/could

    Finish the worksheet…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 29th March

    Today we looked at more film vocab on page 159.

    Then we watched the trailer for Dunkirk and discussed it using the new vocab.

    Then we looked at the Godfather. On page 117 there is a review. We read this and completed the page.


    Finish writing your review of a film you have seen recently or a classic…[Read more]

  • David and Marc speaking assessment

  • Class Summary Monday 27th March

    Today we did about Films, Genres and Vocab to describe films/TV series/books. This is page 159 Cinema.

    We also did ‘The Cinema Interview’ page 56.

    Homework is to complete B and C of the worksheet.

  • Class Summary Wednesday 22nd March

    Today we did page 55 of the book. We read the articles, did work on the passive and wrote our own movie quiz using the passive.

    Write an article about a famous location in Spain used to film.
    Use similiar style to the articles on page 54-55
    E.g. use past participles and passive voice all…[Read more]

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  • Class Summary Monday 20th March

    Today we did the speaking assessment. I will upload the recording for you to listen to and look over the feedback.

    On Wednesday, term 3 starts and we will focus on talking about Cinema and Film.

    Revise the passive grammar, page 142

  • Class Summary Wednesday 15th March

    Today we focused on practical language, requests, permission and favours. We watched the video about Jenny and Rob.

    Then we did the listening assessment.

    Next Monday we will do the speaking assessment.

    Page 159 Cinema 2 and 3

  • Class Summary Monday 13th March

    Today we started by reviewing social media vocab, then listened to a radio show and 4 speakers being positive or negative about Facebook.

    Then we had a discussion about social media and practiced pronunciation of the letter ‘s’.

    Revise for listening assessment on Wednesday.
    Revise sports and relationships vocab.

  • Class Summary Wednesday 8th February

    Today we reviewed the homework which was to listen to 4 speakers talking about how they met.

    Then we did a lesson on social media and Facebook.

    We had a new class member, Juliana. Welcome to class!

    Pronunciation Page 50 – listen to the words in the list and put them in the right ‘s’…[Read more]

  • Listening Homework

  • Class Summary Monday 6th March

    Today we started with 2 activities to practice ‘used to’ and ‘didn’t used to’.

    Then we checked the homework relationship vocab and retold the story from the book using narrative tenses.

    Then we did a dictation and learnt some colloquial phrases (mates, crush on etc.) and some phrasal verbs (broke up/split…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 1st March

    Today we looked at the grammar ‘used to’ and ‘usually’. We had a discussion about what we used to like/watch/do and then we did an activity called ‘growing up’ where we spoke about our childhood.

    Page 158 Relationships vocab complete 1 and 2

    Page 47 Writing a story – turn to page 116 and write a story…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Monday 27th February

    Today we started with reviewing the homework. The main message is that we often use the past simple in conjunction with the past continuous and past perfect or both.

    Then we moved on to talking about how people usually meet. We used phrases like ‘get to know’ and ‘caught my eye’. You guessed Sonya and Michael’s…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 22nd February

    Today we started the class looking at the different ways you can cheat at football, cycling or in an exam. Then we focused on using all the past tenses to tell the story of Lance Armstrong.
    Then we had a mini-discussion about cheating and to finish we talked about what we would do in 6 different cheating…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Monday 20th Feb

    Today we started by checking the homework and talking about superstitions. Then we did a pronunciation activity for sports words (horse) and (bird) were the phonetic sounds.

    Then you prepared a short presentation about a sport of your choice. This will count as the first speaking assessment! Well done!

    To finish we…[Read more]

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