Here you will find the a summary of each class, a reminder of any homework set and a place you can share useful and interesting things that are relevant to learning English.

Course dates: 3/10/16 – 19/6/17

  • Class Summary Monday 19th June

    Today we started with the game ‘Something…’ where you write the first thing that comes to your head and then compare with a partner. Then we played ‘Word Up ‘ which is an English trivia game.

    I also gave you your reports.

    On Wednesday it will be our last class. We will go for end of year drinks.

  • Class Summary Wednesday 14th June

    Today we played Jeopardy and we guessed the celebrities from the ‘when they were young’ photos.

    Revise and check section 7 and 8 from the book.

    Bring in a photo of yourself from when you were young, preferably one that is hard to identify as you.

    Have a good weekend!

  • Class Summary Monday 12th June

    Today we started with a game of ‘stop the bus’.

    Then we read about the TV show Dragon’s Den pn page 80-81 and to finish you came up with your own product to pitch to the group.


    Complete the grammar on page 147 8B A and B

  • Class Summary Wednesday 7th June

    Today we watched the video 52 jobs in 52 weeks and then you did the speaking assessment. Well done!

  • Class Summary Wednesday 31st May

    Today we started with a jobs quiz, watched a vimeo called ‘When I grow up’ and talked about how you decided on your careers.

    Then we you talked about the vocab: Set up =
    (be or get) Sacked =
    Apply (for) =
    Overtime =

    and did Page 78 Look at the picture story. Match A-I with pictures 1-9

    Then we did a…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Monday 29th May

    Today we started with the error corrections from Marc, Enrique and David’s homework.

    Then we did the pronunciation activity with ‘train’, ‘chair’ and ‘computer’.
    We also read about the King of Complainers, Clive.
    Next you did the customer complaint roleplay.

    To finish we did the listening…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 24th May

    Today we started with Vocab page 163 word building.

    Then we did ‘The morning after the night before…’ practical English.

    Then you planned the end of term party!
    To finish we did a memory game with directed and reported speech.

    PAGE 146 Grammar Bank 8A
    Reading: Page 76 The King of C…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Monday 22nd May

    Today we did a class about nights out. You talked about university, nights out now and where you like to go out. You read a text about Newcastle and then you did Practical English ‘Boys Night Out’.

    We looked at making suggestions. Next class we will watch ‘the morning after the night before’.

    Think about…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 18th May

    Today we started with house and home idioms. Then we listened to 4 architects describing their ideal homes and focused on the use of ‘would’ in an imaginary situation. Then we looked at two unusual houses; a lighthouse and a narrow boat. We discussed the type of person that would live there.

    To finish we did the…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Monday 15th May

    Today we started by describing our ideal home, then we practiced using 2nd conditional. Then we did house vocab and page 162 in the book. We talked about ‘if you had to choose’.

    To finish we watched a clip from Grand Designs and answered these questions: How does the presenter describe the landscape?
    How did the…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 10th May

    Today only Marc came so we repeated the first conditionals lesson that he missed.

    Writing on page 118. We will prepare this on Monday but if you want to do it early you can.

  • Class Summary Monday 8th May

    Today we started the topic of homes. We described our homes to each other and drew the \’birds eye view\’ plan of our homes. Then we read an article from the book and practiced second conditional.

    1. Write a 2-3 sentence description of your ideal home
    2. 2nd Conditional Grammar Bank 7B

  • Class Summary Wednesday 3rd May

    Today we looked at first conditionals and talked about exams and job interviews. To finish we played a board game to practice making first conditionals with future time clauses.

    Finish the sentences of the first conditionals.

    Say the difference between the education domino cards.

  • Class Summary Wednesday 26th April

    Today only Enrique came to class! We talked about Education and did an education quiz.

    Grammar 7A modals of deduction, look at grammar 7B first conditional.

    Send me any writing that you want to do.

    Remember there is no class next Monday as it is a bank holiday!
    Next Class Wednesday 3rd May

  • Class Summary Monday 24th April

    We started class talking about what we did on St Jordi. Then we looked at the 4 different pronunciations of the letter u.

    Then you spoke about your education and asked and answered questions.

    We did some listening about an Extraordinary School for Boys and to finish we had a debate about…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 19th April

    Today only David came to class!

    We talked about our Easter and then we went through body parts, modals of deduction and started talking about education.

    Page 161 vocab bank Education

    Modals of deduction \’story\’ about a stranger

  • Class Summary Wednesday 5th April

    Today we finished looking at modal verbs. Then we had a discussion about Easter. We read about Easter in the UK and looked at a traditional Easter food and what I would eat for lunch at Easter in the UK. We also did an Easter quiz.

    Grammar Page 148 – modals

    Create your own Easter menu e.g. what do you…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Monday 3rd April

    Today we looked at ‘judging by appearances’ page 58 in the book. We read the article and listened to the women describing the thief. We also looked at diphthongs and body parts e.g. beard, hair, eyes, nose etc.

    To finish we guessed the jobs using modals of deduction might/must/could

    Finish the worksheet…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 29th March

    Today we looked at more film vocab on page 159.

    Then we watched the trailer for Dunkirk and discussed it using the new vocab.

    Then we looked at the Godfather. On page 117 there is a review. We read this and completed the page.


    Finish writing your review of a film you have seen recently or a classic…[Read more]

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