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  • Today Monday June 19th we played two different review games to remember what we’ve studied this year. We played a KAHOOT verb tenses review game and then a 5×5 grid game that was a bit like “Four in a Row”. Wednesday June 21st is our very last class. We will meet in our classroom so that we can each have a quick meeting to talk about next year and…[Read more]

  • Today Wednesday June 14th we focused on the correct pronunciation of the letter “i” in words with different spellings. We used pg. 55 (Pronunciation) and then finished the class with a speaking exercise (Section 2 Exercise b).

    Choose 4 phrases from exercise “b” in Section 2 (Vocabulary and Speaking) and write a short paragraph (a few…[Read more]

  • Today Monday June 12th Joan had a private class. We went over the difference between the past simple and the present perfect to help him really understand the concept. We looked at the grammar handout you completed for lesson 7B and then had lots of speaking practice. He got personal feedback on what to improve.

    Final version of the…[Read more]

  • Today Wednesday June 7th we looked at our writing exercises and talked about what we need to do to improve them. We helped each other to fix our mistakes. We then learned the difference between “meet / get to know / know”. We also reviewed the present perfect and a bit of the past simple.

    1. Write the final version of your writing text…[Read more]

  • Today Wednesday May 31st we reviewed the different uses of gerunds and infinitives. We checked the answers to the homework on pg. 139 and then listened to songs that have language like this in them. We did the Term 3 listening assessment and then finished the lesson with a quick speaking exercise. We used pgs. 55, 158 and 139.

    Do the…[Read more]

  • Today Monday May 29th we started a new lessson to talk about HAPPINESS. We talked about things that make us happy and read about different things that make different people from a magazine staff happy too. We learned words like “bargain, leftovers, and scale”. We talked about when to use the gerund (-ing) form of verbs. We used book pgs. 54, 138…[Read more]

  • Today Wednesday May 24th we continued working with the use of infinitive verbs in speaking. We also had a look at how pronunciation changes when speaking fluently. We used book pg. 53. We also had the Speaking Assessment for Term 3. If you didn’t come, you can do this after class another day.

    1. First look at the two texts (in section…[Read more]

    • Good morning Regina,

      Today I’not coming to class becaise I’m out of Barcelona and I was expecting to arrive on time but no so wednesday I’m going to gove you my wirting assessment. And also if you are going to do the lisening assessment, I could do it to wednesday?


  • Today Monday May 22nd we studied the use of the INFINITIVE form of the verb more. We clarified how it’s used after adjectives, certain verbs (decide, plan, promise, etc), question words and to explain a purpose (“why?”). We talked about specific things we did and will do and had to find out what the purpose was. We work on Section 1 on pg.…[Read more]

  • On Wednesday May 17th we checked all the answers to the review on pgs. 50-51 and talked about things that were still a bit unclear. We then started a new lesson (7A) talking about the first time you meet your partner’s parents. We thought about advice for someone in this situation and listened to a person who had this experience. We used book pg.…[Read more]

  • Today Monday May 15th we checked the answers to the different handouts we did last week and also talked about the corrections of the sentences we used in the speaking exercise. We did the Reading Assessment for Term 3 and then worked on the Pronunciation section of the review that we’re going to do for homework.

    Do all the exercises on…[Read more]

  • Today Monday May 8th we continued practicing speaking using different verb tenses. We used the short dialogues from the homework handout and then went back to the questions on pg. 49. We then look at the section “adjectives + prepositions” and talked about how many adjectives have a preposition that is always used next to it. We answered some of…[Read more]

  • Today Wednesday May 3rd we had a speaking focused class. We checked the homework on pg. 137 and then shared the answers to the questions we choose from pg. 49. We talked to a group of people, corrected some errors and then tried again with a new partner. This speaking activity will continue in the next class and will be our first speaking…[Read more]

  • Today Wednesday April 26th we practiced using phrasal verbs with the word “back” a bit more. We then started a new lesson talking about the meaning of dreams. We listened to a patient talking to a psychoanalyst about a dream with a party, an owl and flowers and learned about the meaning of these things. We used book pgs. 47-49.

    Read the…[Read more]

  • Today Monday April 24th we continued practicing the use of WILL / SHALL for making promises, offers and instant decisions. We played a game in which we had to guess what was missing in a sentence. Then we read and listened to a story about love and destiny. We finished by learning a few phrasal verbs with the word “back” like “come back, give sth…[Read more]

  • Today Wednesday April 19th we continued learning about the use of WILL. This time we learned how it can be used to make decisions (on the moment), to make promises or to offer. We also learned about the use of SHALL when asking a question (offering) or making a suggestion. We used book pgs. 46, 136, 137 and 102. We also played a card game to help…[Read more]

  • Today Wednesday April 5th we reviewed “opposite verbs” and also practiced using “will” to talk about the future making predictions without evidence. We used pg. 44, 136-137. We also played a game to tell the future. We will have crazy things happen to us!

    Book pg. 45 Reading exercises “a” and “b”
    Do the attached PDF
    Find 3 different…[Read more]

  • Today Monday April 3rd we focused on vocabulary. We worked with “opposite verbs” like buy/sell, borrow/lend and push/pull. We also practiced the past tenses of these verbs. We used pg. 157.

    Do the attached PDF and also Grammar exercise “b” on page 44.
    Regina Cardenas uploaded new file(s): opposite-verbs.pdf to Regina’s B1.1 class (2016-17)

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