Frequently asked questions

How do I load a picture of myself (an ‘avatar’) to appear in my profile and other areas?

You can load a picture, or avatar, of yourself through the gray navigation bar that appears at the very top of the page. Go to Howdy ‘name’ > Profile > Change Avatar to upload a new image.

You can also create a gravatar, which will enable you to use that same image across many different types of websites.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password through the gray navigation bar at the top of the page. Go to Howdy ‘name’ > Settings > General to change your password.

How do I change my display profile name?

1. In the gray navigation bar at the top of the page select: Howdy ‘name’ > Profile > Edit

2. Change the name listed in the ‘Name’ field

2. Select Save Changes.

Can I send a message to all members of a group?


Option 1:  
Hover over Howdy  ‘name’ in the upper right corner of OH Connect, when you are logged in. Then go to Messages > Mass Messaging.

– or –

Option 2:
Go to your profile > Messages > Mass Messaging.

Under the message compose box, you’ll see a list of groups and friends to choose from.

“Send as 1 message?” will also appear under the compose box

  • If you tick this box: All members receive one group message, such that if someone replies, it goes to everyone.
  • If you do not tick this box: Each recipient gets his own message, such that if someone replies, only you receive it.
For Group Admins only
Group admins may also send a message to all members from within the group page itself by going to Admin > Email Options.

What are @mentions and how are they used?

To mention another member in your activity post, simply put the @ symbol in front of their username in your post and:
1. their username will be hyperlinked in your published post and when clicked, will take viewers to the mentioned member’s profile.
2. a notification will be sent to the mentioned member’s email address and show up in their @mention activity stream.

What are ‘friends’?

On OH Connect!, ‘friending’ is ‘social networking’: it enables us to contact one another and share resources and knowledge. By accepting a person’s friend request you become part of his or her ‘network’ and can chat instantly online with that person.

To accept a ‘friend request,’ you can either follow the link in the e-mail you receive requesting friendship, or once you’ve logged in, look again at the gray navigation bar on the top right; hover your mouse over ‘Notifications.’ Then click on the number of notifications you have pending. You will then be directed to a web page that allows you to accept or reject the friendship request.

What are ‘notifications’?

The Notification link (on the right of the top gray navigation bar) indicates if you have a new message, friend request, or invitation to join a group.

How do I change my email account where I receive email notifications through OH Connect!?

1. In the gray navigation bar at the top of the page. Go to Howdy ‘name’ > Settings > General to change your email.

2. Select ‘Save Changes’ when finished.

How can I modify my email notification settings?

General email notifications from Buddypress:

The settings on your profile page (available by going to the top gray navigation bar and clicking Howdy ‘name’ > Settings > Notifications) allows you to choose whether you want the site to email you in response to a variety of different actions, such as a message being posted on the activity stream of a group to which you below. Please visit this page to easily change your preferences.

Email notifications from groups you belong to:

Group members can choose to subscribe to receive email notifications when there is activity on the group page. This is best used for groups that you do not often check. To edit your personal email subscription to a group, visit the group page and choose Email options. The subscription options are:

Email subscription options

How do I send a message?

To send an email to another member, you can either find them on the member list or you can go to the OH Connect! home page and click your avatar, click the ‘Messages’ link on the left, and click ‘Compose.’ Start typing the person’s first name in the addressee box and the program will give you a list of all the members whose names include the letters you’re typing. Next to the addressee box is an empty box for copying other members. Do the same thing in this box that you just did for the addressee. Each time, you do this, a new box will appear for another person to whom you might want to send a copy of the message.

Can member profiles be made private? How can I prevent my profile from showing up in a google search?

Right now, there is not a way to make Profiles private. For now, members worried about privacy should avoid using their full names on their profiles (some combination of initials and first or last names might be good).

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, log in to the site and look for the gray navigation bar at the top of the page. Click on Howdy ‘name’ > Settings > Delete Account and follow the instructions.

I joined a hidden group and now can see it and all its members. Can everyone else?

No. When users create or become members of hidden groups, they will see them in the group listing on the homepage, but it will be visible only to members of the group, not to the general public or to members of OH Connect! who aren’t in the group.

Can I view a hidden group without being a member?

Hidden groups aren’t listed in the groups directory, however, those with access to the group URL can view the group name and description. Group content and member information can only be access by members of a hidden group.

How can groups create group blogs that automatically makes members of the groups authors on the blog?

We’ve enabled a pretty neat group blog function that makes it easy to create a group blog. To do it, take the following steps:

If you are a group administrator, go to your group page and click ‘Admin” from the left-hand group menu click ‘Enable group blog’ If you want to use an existing blog, select ‘Use one of my blogs.’ Then select your new blog.

That will add all members of your group to your chosen blog.

How can I sync an existing blog to a group?

To connect an existing blog with a public group, go to your group home page and click “Admin” (yes, you need to be an administrator of the group to do this) > Group Blog > Check the box next to “Enable group blog”. Type blog URL to connect the blog to your group.

That will add all members of your group to your chosen blog.

Why aren’t I receiving group updates via email?

First, please check your notification settings to make sure that you have set your preferences correctly. Second, please check your account’s spam filter or spam folder, as we have received several reports of group activity stream posts being caught by spam filters.

How can I leave a group?

To unsubscribe from a group, go to the group homepage and click ”Leave Group.” The link is right under the group icon image.

How can I change my group email notifications?

If you’d like to change your notification settings for your groups, please go to the home page of any group and look for the link titled ‘Notification Settings’ under ‘Forum Subscriptions.’

On the next page, look for ‘Automatically subscribe to group discussions.’ Click ”yes” for groups from which you want email notifications, and ”no” for groups from which you don’t want email. Then click ”save changes” at the bottom.

How do I allow or deny comments on my blog posting?

You can choose to allow or disallow comments on each post that you write. To allow comments on a particular post, make sure that the box next to ‘allow comments on this post’ is checked. You can find that box under the main textbox for the post.

If you don’t see that option, click ‘Screen Options’ at the top of the post/page editor page and select ‘Discussion’. Now look under the textbox again and you should see the option to allow or disallow comments.

How do I delete my blog?

Dashboard > Tools > Delete Site and follow the prompts.

What types of files can I upload to my blog post?

Here is the list of accepted file types (through the WordPress media uploader):