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Who can join the OH Connect! network?

OH Connect! is for Oxford House students, teachers, staff and friends who are interested in the teaching or learning of languages. Accounts and content created by non-Oxford-House individuals for purposes other than English language teaching and learning will be removed immediately.

Here are all the things you can see and do on OH Connect!

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A list of the most recent posts, comments and updates on profiles, group walls, and more. View a list of member profiles on this page. You can write posts on your own profile page, ask other members to be friends, send private messages, write on their profile pages and use @mentions to link to their profiles in your own posts throughout OH Connect!
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View all OH Connect! groups on this page. You can join groups to connect with members who have similar interests, or create your own group. Groups can have discussions on the group wall and share links amongst other things.Consult the Groups Guide »   Under Help you’ll find the tour, a getting started guide and FAQs.
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Ask your English learning and teaching questions in the forums or answer others’ questions.
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Read Oxford House news and updates on this page. Find links to online resources and resources to help you learn and teach English.  View all OH Connect! blogs on this page. Both individual members and groups can have blogs. You can read and comment on others’ or create your own.
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Practice Instant Chat
Select your level and practice English online. All of these resources have been prepared by Oxford House. Have fun while you learn using flashcards and matching games and more! Make friends with other members and chat instantly with them. You can check the list of who is online and chat with them in the bottom right corner of you screen.