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  • It was so nice to have you all in class this term! All the best and hopefully see you soon in one of our other classes. Have a great summer everyone!

  • Monday 19/6/17
    Today we finished all the exercises in unit 10B. Then we watched the short film about Ellis Island in the final Revise & Check section. Please just complete the vocab and grammar parts in this section on page 102 for homework.

    *** Tomorrow we still have a normal class and on Wednesday we will have breakfast together at pudding.…[Read more]

  • Thursday 15/6/17
    Today we continued with the revision on phrasal verbs after we had checked the homework. Then we started with Ex 5 on page 100/101 (speaking & listening) a-e.

    Grammar Relative Clauses page 100 Ex 4 a and b (read the grammar bank rules and complete the exercises)

    Next week, we’ll have class on Monday and Tuesday and on…[Read more]

  • Wednesday 14/6/17
    Today we had the first part of our class outside in the garden, we checked the homework and then completed the pronunciation section of unit 10A and started with Unit 10B on sports. Ex 1a-e.

    page 103 Reading section a-c
    Please revise the vocab – I started a new set for the new unit

    *** Rafa and daniel, we missed you…[Read more]

  • Tuesday 13/6/17
    Today we continued with Unit 10A, we checked the reading homework and completed the vocab and grammar sections.

    1. Grammar sheet on cleft sentences (all)
    2. Iria will update Quizlet for us – there’s a new set for this unit. Please revise!

  • Monday 12/6/17
    Today we started with Unit 10A with the listening Ex 1 a-f.

    Ex 5 Reading a-d on pages 96/97

  • The outdoor cinema on Montjuic will start soon and you could go with friends to watch a film in English to keep practising! Have a look at the programme:

  • Thursday 8/6/17
    Today we did the progress test for Unit 9A and B (all sections), we also checked the test and said that you would do the writing for homework (see task below). Of course you can type it and post it here, or just bring it to class on Monday. Also, if you would like me to send you the listening tracks again from the test, email me…[Read more]

  • Weekend Homework Writing Task:

    Read the beginning of an email to Simon from a friend and then write an email to the restaurant. It should be approximately 250 words.
    Hi Simon,
    As you know, I went to Edinburgh last weekend to see Alex. We had a great time except that we spent way too much money on a very mediocre meal.
    We went to The…[Read more]

  • Wednesday 7/6/17
    Today we checked the grammar homework, then we did another grammar worksheet on compound nouns. The rest of class we spent revising vocab for tomorrow’s test. For homework, please revise the grammar sections and the vocab from Units 9A and B.

    **** Rafa, we heard you broke your arm! We hope you feel better soon and that you still…[Read more]

  • Tuesday 6/6/17
    Today we listened to your presentations about your favourite comfort food. Then we completed the reading, the vocabulary and the grammar section. We read over the grammar bank and completed exercise a.

    Grammar bank Ex b plus the grammar exercises in the workbook
    Please also revise all the vocab from 9A and B because we’ll…[Read more]

  • Thursday 1/6/17
    Today we talked a bit more about restaurants and we completed the listening task on page 89. Then we started with the reading on comfort foods on page 90/91.

    1. Svetlana will update Quizlet for us, please revise.
    2. Ex 6 b
    3. Prepare a 2 min presentation about your own comfort foods to give in class on Tuesday, use the…[Read more]

  • The Coffee Addicts! 😁The coffee addicts! 😁

  • Wednesday 31 May 2017
    Today we listened to each other’s restaurant presentations – great work guys!! The restaurants all sound very nice and I can’t wait to try out some of them. Then we started with the listening section on page 89 (the first part only). We’ll continue with this tomorrow.

    1. write a summary text about your restaurant…[Read more]

    • I’ve choose “The Agua restaurant”


      It’s my favourite restaurant because you can enjoy a good meal in front of the sea. My prefer moment to go is in the summer nights. The food is very good, specially rice, and you have a long list of desserts to choice. The price is a little expensive but to go from time…[Read more]

  • Lascar 74
    This is one of my favourite places to eat out in Barcelona (at least at the moment!). It’s a cevicheria in a little street in Poble Sec near El Molino. The restaurant is not very big, so if you plan to go at the weekends in the evening it’s best to book a table in advance.
    The first time I went was last year, because a friend of mine had…[Read more]

  • Tuesday 30/5/17
    Today we started with Unit 9A and we talked a lot about food! We completed the food vocab bank.

    1. Revise the new food vocab – it’s already on quizlet
    2. prepare the restaurant presentation for tomorrow (most of you hadn’t done it yet)

  • Monday 29/5/17
    Today we checked the grammar homework and then we continued with the listening task Ex 5 on page 86.

    1. Prepare a 2min presentation about your favourite restaurant. Tell us the name, the location, what it is like inside and why you like it, what food they serve, how expensive it is and what you recommend we eat there if…[Read more]

  • Thursday 25/5/17
    Today we checked the homework (and we completed Exercise c), we listened to Daniel’s talk, then we did a vocab revision and an animal quiz and finally we started on the speaking activity on page 87.

    1. Revise vocab
    2. Do the grammar sheet (Rafa, I have attached it to the group for you so you can still do it)
    3.…[Read more]

  • Wednesday 24/5/17
    Today we checked the homophone homework and then we listened to your talks on which wild animal you would like to be – there was lots of new vocabulary in the talks and we collected it on the board! Great job guys!!

    Then we talked some more about animals.

    1. Laura and Iria will update Quizlet for us (the Unit 9A…[Read more]

  • From animal to the meat on your plate 🙂

    Animals Meat Name
    Cattle (cow or bull) Beef
    Calf (young cow) Veal
    Pig Pork
    Deer Venison
    Sheep (Ram or Ewe) Mutton
    Goat Chevon (or goat)
    Chicken Chicken
    Turkey Turkey
    Rabbit Rabbit
    Wild pig Wild boar

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