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  • We did the listenings on pg 50, quite difficult here with a different accent, slightly american and quite advanced vocabulary. Good job, remember to read through the scripts at the back of the book to revise what we did. The second part of the class we revised would rather and the different structures to use with a change of subject and with the…[Read more]

  • Today we started off with grammar, looking at the structure for the unreal past and present after wish/if only and would rather. We did the exercises at the back of the book. We continued working from Chap 5B focussing on vocabulary around money.

  • We read an article from the Guardian about tourism in Barcelona, with lots of new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions here. We then looked at the language of expressing opinion more closely, a good list of vocabulary to try to incorporate into your speech. We had some discussion around the topic. The second part of the class we worked from the…[Read more]

  • We began Chapter 5A today and started with a discussion and then did the reading. We moved on to a mindfulness experiment with interesting opinions expressed here. Lots of fluent, accurate English here. The second part of the class was more about grammar and we learnt about distancing techniques and had some practice with this. We completed the…[Read more]

  • We started off with a quick revision of inversions then we did the reading from Chapter 4B and had a synonyms competition. We then worked on the translation of a famous song. The second part of the class we worked on the writing exercise from the back of the book and our mid-course assessments were handed out. Please complete the writing for homework.

  • Today we started with inversions and learnt about the rules and had some practice from the book and from some videos. We will try to revise this at some point in the future as it was a bit challenge for all of you. We finished the class with some conversation.

  • Today we started off speculating about Stonehenge, lots of practice here of the different forms of speculation in the past. Good work. We also worked from the book, beginning Chap 4B with lots of discussions about books/films and our reading/watching habits. Some new adjectives here and good activation of these in the last part of class.

  • Past modals of speculation and deduction was the focus of our lesson today, we had quite a bit of written and spoken practice with these. We also tried to use some of the adverbs/adjectives of speculation, most of these are new for us. We will practise this more tomorrow. We also did the listening from pg 37 and then finished the class with the…[Read more]

  • We began Chap 4A today and first looked at vocabulary for sounds and the human voice on pg 164. We were only 2 students today so spent quite a bit of time in conversation. Some good practice with narrative tenses in telling stories and then we finished the class with a listening. There is no homework for Monday.

  • We completed the listening in Chap 3B and had some further practice with discourse markers, this time adverbs and adverbial expressions. If you were not in class today please try to do the exercises on pg 144 and I can mark them for you. Lots of additional vocabulary to include in your conversations here. The second part of the class we had a…[Read more]

  • Lots of vocabulary today around the theme of war and conflict. We did the vocab pages at the back of the book and then the reading and discussions from Chap 3B. Lots of opinions here about historical accuracy! No homework for tomorrow. Those who handed in the writing please correct the errors if you can.

  • Welcome to Cristina, a new student. We started the class with vocabulary, phrases and idioms with ‘get’ and had some practice making sentences with them from the back of the book on pg 162. Then we moved on to the listening about blind dates in Chap 3A and finished the exercises. There is no homework for tomorrow.

  • [Read more]

  • A challenging class today – we looked at the structure of a formal debate and then watched a debate on the use of slang in schools in the UK. We all agreed that there was a clear winner. Then we looked more closely (with the help of the transcript) at the techniques used, discourse markers and the structure of the arguments used. We then prepared…[Read more]

  • We began with some conversation practice concentrating on using the past simple for habitual events and then finalised our preparation for the writing homework to be handed in on Monday. See pg 114 & 115 at the back of the book for more details if you missed this class. We then did the listening from the end of Chap 2B. The second half of the…[Read more]

  • We began this lesson with vocabulary, how to form abstract nouns by adding suffixes, some pronunciation rules and then more practice with collocations. We then moved on to 3 scenarios, the beginning of a sentence that each student had to finish with their own ideas of how they would act. Remember when we tell jokes or anecdotes we often use the…[Read more]

  • We began with a short discussion about our weekends since we were only 3 people today and then moved on to a discussion about Roald Dahl. Some books I can recommend reading by him are a collection of short stories called ‘Kiss Kiss’ & ‘My Uncle Oswald’ both very funny adult books. We revised narrative tenses, how they are used and when and…[Read more]

  • Today in class we were only 4 people so we worked on the colloquial English chapter, revising some of the discourse markers that we covered during the week and then completed chapter 2A with more revision of some of the recent terms we have discussed like collocations & idioms. We looked at how English is pronounced in different parts of the…[Read more]

  • We learnt about homophones, unusual ways to spell word and some of the rules and reasons for why words in English have such differences in spelling. Then we moved on to revision of different types of pronouns with the exercises at the back of the book. We had some practice with a text reconstruction and a spelling game. Homework is to complete the…[Read more]

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