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  • Today we had an intensive lesson on reported speech with a lot of practice, We worked from the book pg 110 – 111 & 113. The we practiced with real conversations from WA.

  • We had a revision class on the form and the use of all of the conditionals and then we had all the parents come in for parents day. It was a great end to the year with everyone presenting a grammar point and then playing memory with the names of the students and their characteristics. Those of you who did not get their reports will have them given…[Read more]

  • Today we went through the book and each student chose a topic to talk about for the parents on Wednesday. We worked on our presentations and then we had a ‘pica pica’ outside to celebrate the end of the school year. Thank you to everyone who brought something to eat or drink!

  • Yesterday we started the class with a a listening exercise and then we continued working on the passive tense, learning about the impersonal and formal passives and had lots of practice forming them. Most of you did this quite well after working hard on it. We finished the class working on some phrasal verbs. Don’t forget we are having an informal…[Read more]

  • We continued with the theme of media using the language to have a lesson on the passive voice. We practiced the form and then we had some practice using the passive and changing into the passive from the active voice. We will do some more practice with this next week. Don’t forget Monday 5th June is a holiday and there is no class. The last day…[Read more]

  • Today we worked from the book and discussed different kinds of media, we found out what kinds of media students liked/read and we learned the new vocabulary. We then had our speaking exam in pairs one student interviewed the other at a time, each student chose a personality from a photo and was creative – well done all of you! Remember to use…[Read more]

  • Most of us completed our writing assignment in class working on their first drafts and correcting their errors, well done everyone. Please make sure those of you who haven’t yet completed it to do it at home. Then we watched a national geographic video about tornadoes and we discussed some true and false questions.

  • In yesterday’s class we prepared for our writing exercise, looking at how to link different parts of a story together, how to enrich our vocabulary using other descriptive words. We then worked on the paragraph planning and did the writing exercise on pg 93. I will hand this back to you for correction and then give a final mark next week. We…[Read more]

  • Today we started with a creative storytelling exercise, asking our partner questions and then telling the story. We then did some revision on comparatives and superlatives and worked from the book on pg 90. We practiced comparatives with a Kahoot.

  • Today we concentrated on listening and speaking skills. First we revised listening to and writing large numbers with an interesting audio about a baby mammoth. The we learned how to describe pictures, both literally and giving our opinion and answering 2 questions about them. We then had our speaking exam where everyone had to talk for 1 minute…[Read more]

  • We had some discussions following our previous class about natural disasters. Then moved on to gerunds and infinitives which were our topic today, we revised all the rules and had some good exercises practicing the different uses. We also did our reading exam, I will give you your marks next week on Monday.

  • Only 6 in class today, we had lots of reading comprehension with multiple matching and searching for information from a website. Our theme today was natural disasters with quite a bit of new vocabulary and some discussion. It’s great when students tell us about their experiences. We got to pg 85 in the book.

  • Today we looked at qualifiers and extreme adjectives. We had quite a bit of practice with these especially in speaking. Remember to include these in your written work and when you speak, you will sound much more interesting. We then did a comprehension exercise watching a video about the Great Pyramid of Giza.

  • Today we looked at question tags, the difference between different types of pronouns and did some revision of phrasal verbs. We also completed our listening exam for this term.

  • Today we did a listening exercise and controlled speaking using the phrases from pg 75 for agreement and disagreement. We also learned about the word fairness, fair and watched a video explaining the term.

  • Welcome back after the Easter break! Great class today with lots of hard work on the Past Perfect Simple vs Past Perfect Continuous and most of you were doing a good job with this. We also had a quick revision of all the past tenses and how they link to the present tenses. We completed pg 72 & 73 of the book. Well done to those who handed in their…[Read more]

  • We worked from the book tonight, completing Chap 8A. We continued with the discussion around making complaints. Homework is to write a formal email or letter to make a complaint.

  • Today we did a reading from the book identifying what a word refers to and talked about King Tut and our knowledge of ancient Egypt. Then we moved on to a discussion about Easter and compared the traditions in the UK to the Spanish traditions. Homework is to write 200 words in 4 paragraphs about how you celebrate Easter at home.

  • Tonight was a conversation class around the theme of morality, making predictions and relating events in the present simple. Lots of great ideas and everyone worked really hard.

    [Read more]

  • In today\’s lesson we worked on collocations, some phrasal verbs and idioms. Don\’t forget to learn these as we will have a test on them in a couple of weeks. We also learned some facts about Antarctica and watched a video. Homework is to find out whether the women\’s crossing of the Arctic sea was successful.

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