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  • Class Summary Friday 20th October

    Today we started with preparing the roleplay for the speaking assessment. You practiced using can and would.

    Then we moved onto section 2A of the book. We played a memory game, took photos of things around the school and did vocab page 151 Things.

    Next you listened to people describing their desks and then you…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Thursday 19th October

    Today we started with the communicative task of getting people’s personal information e.g. phone number, email address and name.

    Then we did the listening assessment.

    Next we started on Practical English Episode 1. You talked about the best hotel you have stayed in and your ideal hotel.

    Then we did the…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 18th October

    Today we reviewed the grammar homework to be.

    Then we played hangman to review new vocab.

    Then we did the listening, speaking and grammar for the roleplay of ringing a language school.

    To finish we did the writing on page 111

    Complete the application form on page 111

  • Class Summary Tuesday 17th October

    Today we started with an alphabet race and did the pronunciation exercise in 1C.

    Then we did the communication exercise asking and answering about people’s nationalities and countries.

    Then we did some more pronunciation: CHESS SHOWER JAZZ

    The letters –ch are usually pronounced like children, watch
    The l…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Monday 16th October

    Today we started with the memory game nice to meet you.
    Then we reviewed the homework answers.
    the topic for today was nationalities and countries. We did a world quiz and played nationalities bingo.
    Then we did the grammar listening to interviews of 3 people from Scotland, Australia and the USA. We learnt about…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Friday 13th October

    Today we started with sentence betting. This practiced looking for correct punctuation, spelling and grammar.

    Then we watched the clip from the TV show Friends where Phoebe meets Mike’s parents. This was to show first meeting and interactions which is from the first page of the book.
    Then we practiced this…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 11th October

    Today we started with likes and dislikes at work and then you recommended a job to your partner based on this. Then you did an either/or activity saying what you preferred e.g. cats or dogs.

    Then we decided to do the reading assessment today as the bank holiday is on Thursday and Anna can’t attend on…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Tuesday 10th October

    Today we started by interviewing each other about our learning styles and deciding how people in the class like to learn.
    Then we practiced asking questions about others nationalities, education and a fact about them.
    Then we did the job guessing activity where we wrote clues and then people had to guess the…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Monday 9th October

    Today we met for the first time. You introduced each other, names, interests and what you do etc.
    Then we did 2 truths, 1 lie.
    The coursebook you need to buy is English File Elementary. You can buy the book from reception or ‘Come in Books’ on Balmes. You get 5% discount with a card from reception.

    Then you did…[Read more]

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  • Class Summary Tuesday 20th June

    Today we did the QR code hunt with grammar questions. Marina and Roser won!
    Then we played Word Up and Lyrics Training.

    Thanks for a great year and I hope to see you all again!

  • Class Summary Monday 19th June

    Today we started with the game \’Something…\’ where you write the first thing that comes to your head and then compare with a partner. Then we played \’Word Up \’ which is an English trivia game.

    I also gave you your reports.

    On Wednesday it will be our last class. We will go for end of year drinks.

  • Class Summary Wednesday 14th June

    Today we played Jeopardy and we guessed the celebrities from the \’when they were young\’ photos.

    Revise and check section 7 and 8 from the book.

    Bring in a photo of yourself from when you were young, preferably one that is hard to identify as you.

    Have a good weekend!

  • Class Summary Tuesday 13th June

    Today we did a fun lesson. We guessed the celebrities from their young pictures. Then we played Jeopardy.


    Bring in a photo of yourself when you were younger, preferably one where it is hard to identify you. If you want to email it to me to print off I can.

  • Class Summary Monday 12th June

    Today we started with a game of \’stop the bus\’.

    Then we read about the TV show Dragon\’s Den pn page 80-81 and to finish you came up with your own product to pitch to the group.


    Complete the grammar on page 147 8B A and B

  • Class Summary Friday 9th June

    Today we started with the job vocab A-Z challenge. Then we played \’stop the bus\’.

    Then we did pages 78-79 \’what\’s the right job for you?\’.

    Page 164 Vocab Bank: Work
    Page 147 Grammar Bank 8B
    Writing assessment (if you haven\’t done it already)

  • Class Summary Thursday 8th June

    Today we played the game \’on the bus\’ and Alexis was the winner, Roser coming second! Then you spoke about your experiences of living abroad or of people you know and to finish we did the speaking assessment. Well done!

  • Class Summary Wednesday 7th June

    Today we watched the video 52 jobs in 52 weeks and then you did the speaking assessment. Well done!

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