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  • Class Summary Thursday 14th December

    Today Diego was the only one in class for the first part so we had a discussion about Christmas plans.

    Then when Carol arrived we did the homework answers, wrote 3 more clues and started the pronunciation for /chair/, /ear/ sounds.

    Then we did the speaking activity on page 63 and the (C vocab activity from…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 13th December

    Today we started with the how much/how many, there is/there are board game. Then we did some grammar about uncountable nouns. Then we listened to Kim and Leo renting a house on page 62.

    We did the communicative activity 8B flat to rent and the grammar on page 63 and 138.

    Race around the…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Tuesday 12th December

    Today we started with revision of past simple verbs grammar. Then we did the communicative activity past simple questions.

    Then we did 8B about the house.

    8A grammar page 138
    Page 161 Vocab bank House

  • Class Summary Monday 11th December

    Today we continued the Murder Mystery topic, practiced irregular and regular verbs more and finished with a police interview. We also checked the homework 7B and 7C grammar.

    Grammar worksheet about a memorable night

  • Class Summary Tuesday 5th December

    Today only Carol and Anna came. We did the murder mystery and first bit of page 60.

  • Class Summary Monday 4th December

    Today we started class with was/were communicative History quiz. Then we talked about each others memorable nights which practiced was/were and past irregular of go/get/have.
    Then we did the vocab go/get/have.
    Tomorrow we will start 8A page 60. We will do a murder mystery from https://learnenglish.britishcounc…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Friday 1st December

    Today we started with retelling the story about getting the wrong flight. Then we did the vocab: go, get and have. Then we moved onto ‘getting lost’ and giving directions episode 4 of practical English.

    To finish we did the speaking assessment.


    Writing about memorable day.
    Communicative gap fill go get have

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    Class Summary Thursday 30th November

    Today we reviewed likes and dislikes with a communication task focusing on first person and he/she.

    Then we did section 7C of the book: a memorable night which started using irregular past verbs.

    Answer the 7 questions about your memorable night
    Extra homework: grammar and vocab worksheet from English File

  • Wednesday 29th November

    Today we started with the grammar was/were history worksheet. Then we reviewed the pronunciation of -ed whether it ends it /t/, /d/ or /id/. Then we did the song ‘Lola’ by The Kinks to practice more verbs.
    To finish you did the speaking ‘when was the last time…’ using past time expressions.

    Grammar worksheet…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Tuesday 28th November

    Today we reviewed was/were by talking about our weekend. Then we did section 7A of the book. This included retelling the story, past simple verbs, word formation and learning about Chelsea.

    Grammar for past simple verbs in back of book
    Was/were grammar worksheet

  • Class Summary Monday 27th November

    Today we did the homework answers, the grammar was/were and pronunciation of /j/ in yacht, yes, music, student etc.

    Then we did the reading on page 53 and find someone who was/were worksheet

    Past simple to be worksheet

  • Class Summary Friday 24th November

    Today we did the music questionnaire, talked about our favourite songs and did the grammar be or do?

    Reading on page 49
    Grammar worksheet be or do
    Extra homework: page 50-51 review and check section

  • Mollie posted an update in the group Group logo of Mollie GE Intensive A2 Mon-FriMollie GE Intensive A2 Mon-Fri 3 weeks ago

    Class Summary Thursday 23rd November

    Today we started with checking the homework, then you spoke about 2 things you were doing now or that you usually do to practice. Then we started with the music topic in the book and the grammar revision of do or be.

    Grammar worksheet like (+ verb + -ing)
    Grammar worksheet object pronouns
    Page 47…[Read more]

  • Mollie posted an update in the group Group logo of Mollie GE Intensive A2 Mon-FriMollie GE Intensive A2 Mon-Fri 3 weeks ago

    Class Summary Wednesday 22nd November

    Today we started with charades wit practice verb + ing in present continuous. Then we did activities to practice love, like, don’t mind etc.

    Grammar present simple or continuous

  • Class Summary Tuesday 21st November

    Today we practiced dates again and asking when someones birthday is. Then we did a dictation for favourite times and then had the discussion.
    To finish we did the speaking assessment.

    Writing assessment

  • Class Summary 20th November

    Today we started with a weather vocab activity and then you wrote and presented your own weather forecast. Ana told the forecast for Spain, Diago for Australia and Anna for China.

    Then we did the first bit of section 6B vocab for the date and made a class calendar.

    Then we did the listening…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Friday 17th November

    Today we looked at reading. You answered questions: how often do you read? Do you like reading? etc. Then we read 3 extracts and looked at the object pronouns. Then we played a charades type game to guess the pronoun and did a communicative activity where we matche dthe sentences to the…[Read more]

  • Class Summary Wednesday 15th November
    Today we started with a discussion about what you can do in Barcelona, Prague and Columbia. Then we did the grammar present simple or continuous.

    Then we played charades and did a roleplay to practice the pronunciation of sights in London.

    Worksheet present continuous

  • Class Summary Tuesday 14th November

    Today we started section 5B noisy neighbours. We did the grammar present continuous and also played charades to practice this.

    Then we started section 5C about London.

    Reading about London

  • Class Summary Monday 133th November

    Today we did the end of section 4C about the X Factor. We did pronunciation, speaking and reading about being famous.


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