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    Class Summary Friday 11th March

    Today we started with a ‘growing up’ board game to practice past simple and used to grammar.

    Then we did the listening from page 49. We listened to 4 speakers talking about how they met and said which one we thought was the most romantic.

    Then we did page 50 and the vocab at the back of the book (page 158) about relationships. We talked about the difference between ‘meet’ and ‘know’, ‘colleague’ and ‘friend’ and ‘argue’ and ‘discuss’.

    We did a dictation of colloquial language and phrasal verbs.

    Then we had a discussion about close friends.

    To finish we did some pronunciation work with the letter ‘s’.
    It has the sound in ‘snake’, ‘zebra’, ‘shower’ and ‘television’


    Grammar Page 141 5B usually and used to

    Writing on page 116 (optional)