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    Class Summary Friday 17th March

    Today we did a lesson on social media ‘What’s on your mind?’ and then practical English ‘asking for permission, requests and favours’.

    Then we did the listening assessment.

    Revise for speaking assessment
    1 Make questions and ask your partner.
    1 ever make / friend / thanks to sport? How? When?
    2 What sport / use to be / better at ?
    3 What kinds of activities / enjoy most now?
    4 you usually / keep fit? fit / at the moment?
    5 prefer / do / or / watch / sport?
    Now answer your partner’s questions.
    2 Talk about the statement below, saying if you agree or disagree. Give reasons.
    ‘Sport has become all about money now.’
    3 Listen to your partner talking about friendship. Do you agree with him / her?