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    Neus, Natalia and Estefanía: If you’re interested in getting your last feedback on speaking, please let me know here. I can send you the scanned image of my notes.

  • Today Thursday July 27th was our last day of the course! We played different review games using the app/website KAHOOT. Remember you can play this games on your own to help you study, just look up “modals past speculation”. We then played a competitive game in which we created a test for our opponents and then got a chance to score points from a…[Read more]

  • Today Wednesday July 26th we had a look at feedback on both our writing and speaking exams we last did. We discussed the necessary changes helping each other out. We learned how to use the phrase “no longer” (=not anymore) after doing Listening Part 4 Test 4. We finished the class by going over tips to do well on Reading Part 6 and did Test 4…[Read more]

  • Today Tuesday July 25th we practiced for speaking parts 3 and 4 by forcing ourselves to use phrases to politely interrupt and to ask for others’ opinion. We also talked to a partner about the sentences we wrote using phrasal verbs and got feedback on what to improve. We then completed Listening Test 4 Parts 1-3.

    Test 4 Reading Parts 5…[Read more]

  • Today Monday July 24th we started the lesson by practicing Speaking Part 1. We got feedback on things to improve like USUALLY vs USED TO, A FEW vs FEW, and FUNNY vs FUN. We then played a board game that helped us learn tons of phrasal verbs like bring up, take after, come across and look down on.

    1. Test 4 Reading and Use of English…[Read more]

  • Today Thursday July 20th we did Test 3 Listening Part 4. We did a full speaking exam while the others worked on Reading and Use of English Parts 6 and 7 (Test 3). We also had a look at various articles, reviews and reports that we wrote for homework. We had a lot to learn from each other.

    1. If you haven’t completed all Test 3, do so…[Read more]

  • Today Wednesday July 19th we practiced doing a full speaking exam as a group (everyone at the same time). We then had a look at ways to improve some phrases, both because there were mistakes and because they were ok but had very basic language. We did Test 3 Listening Parts 2 and 3. We finished by having a quick review of what we’ve done in class…[Read more]

  • Today Tuesday July 18th we talked about the answers to Reading and Use of English Part 1 (Test 3) and learned a few verb patterns (let sb do sth, allow sb to do sth), vocabulary words (enable) and linkers (therefore, so, so that). We practiced Speaking Part 4 making it very interactive. We played a guessing game to help us review the use of…[Read more]

  • On Monday July 17th we mainly worked on relative clauses. We answered a few exercises and then played a competitive game to help us review. We also did Test 3 Listening Part 1 and practiced speaking Part 1 as usual.

    Test 3 Reading and Use of English Parts 1 and 2

  • Today Wednesday July 12th we practiced speaking part 1 as a warm up, did parts 2, 3 and 4 of the listening exam (test 2 in the book) and did even more preparation work for Use of English part 4 (unreal conditionals, phrases with “I wish / If only”, etc).

    1. Do pg. 75 from the handouts
    2. Do book pgs. 12 and 38 (actual marks for tests 1…[Read more]

  • On Tuesday July 11th we worked on Speaking Part 1 of the exam to warm up. Then we went over the use of modal verbs (must, might, could, can’t) to speculate about the present and past. This is especially useful for speaking part 2 of the exam to avoid using phrases like “this photo shows, here we can see…”, etc. We did some preparation work to…[Read more]

  • Today Monday July 10th we mainly did preparation work for Use of English Part 4. We found out about how verbs patters are often tested in this part of the exam and practiced using them a lot. We played a game to help us do a fun and quick review of what we studied in class along with some concepts from last week.

    * Last week’s essay (if…[Read more]

  • Today Thursday July 6th we focused on the Speaking and Listening parts of the exam. We did Listening parts 2-4 and learned some useful phrasal verbs like “to fall out with somebody” and “to be fed up with something or somebody”. We then practiced Speaking parts 3 and 4 and looked at useful phrases for those parts of the exam. We finished the class…[Read more]

  • Today Wednesday July 5th we had a look at the language you came across in your homework and then focused mainly on listening and speaking. We completed listening part 1. Then we talked about the 4 different parts of the speaking exam and got the shot at practicing parts 1 and 2 of speaking. We learned useful phrases to use in these parts of the…[Read more]

  • On Tuesday July 4th we had a look at the “word families” chart from our homework handout and after studying the words, tried using them in our own sentences. We then mainly worked on Reading and Use of English Part 1. We had a look at the differences between words that have similar meanings and how sometimes grammar is what can help us decide what…[Read more]

  • On Monday July 3rd we had our first class. We used most of the time to get to know each other and become comfortable as a group. We’ll be spending 10 hours a week together and all have the same objective, so we have to be sure we work like a team! We used our names as acronyms to talk about ourselves but there was a lie in there which others had…[Read more]

  • Today Monday June 19th we played two different review games to remember what we’ve studied this year. We played a KAHOOT verb tenses review game and then a 5×5 grid game that was a bit like “Four in a Row”. Wednesday June 21st is our very last class. We will meet in our classroom so that we can each have a quick meeting to talk about next year and…[Read more]

  • Today Thursday June 15th we focused on pronunciation, mainly sentence stress of auxiliary verbs and the word “to”. We used pg. 86 section #4 (Pronunciation) and also used pgs. 109 and 111. We also had the final Speaking Assessment.

    Next Tuesday is our last class! Remember we’ll meet in our classroom so that everyone can get their reports and have…[Read more]

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