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  • Hi,

    So today we worked from Unit 5A. We talked about what women and men want from relathionships before reading about a study and the opinions of two women on the question “Do women really want to marry for money”.

    We learnt a lot of vocabulary from these two readings and discussed the question ourselves. Then we focused on unreal uses of past…[Read more]

  • Hey guys,

    Today we worked on Phrasal verbs. We started with some phrases from page 65, creating sentences before the phrasal verbs e.g ´that shirt looks goog´ – ´try it on´.

    Then we learnt a lot of new phrasal verbs and how to categories them into 3 groups. Using the communicative we completed some more sentences with lots of phrasal verbs and…[Read more]

  • Hi guys!

    Today we used the grammar from yesterday to have a conversation about the past, what we USED to DO.

    Then we moved on to the Passive. We will do this a lot more next week. Today we practiced it only in the present and past simple.

    We talked about films and described them to each other using the passive. Then we filled out some…[Read more]

  • Hi guys,

    So today we worked from Unit 5A. We talked about sport and superstitions, using the communication in the back of the book to talk about the superstitions of some of famous sportspeople.

    Then we did the first reading on page 47, Famous (cheating) moments on sport. We used this to examine the difference between past simple, continuous…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    So today we did a little bit more from Unit 6b, about the service industry, in particular working in restaurants. We used the reading and the listening as an assessment for the term before doing a kind of revision quiz together about some of the grammar and vocabulary from this term.

    We then played a game revising some of the grammar…[Read more]

  • Hi guys,

    Today we talked about music one more time. We will be moving on to Gerunds and Infinitives. Please try to read the grammar page on gerunds and infinitives in the back of the book for next lesson. We well do a lot of work on these to try and get used to which verbs go with gerunds and which with infinitives. We´ll try to make it fun!

  • hi guys,

    Homework for tomorrow. On page 41 there is an article. Please read it and then read the comments after it. Do exercise 4d, and 4e. Try to use SHOULD HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE.

  • Hi guys,

    Today we just talked about music. We learnt some adjectives to describe songs, such as catchy, moving, sentimental and we talked a lot about our music tastes. We then read a small description of a playlist and created our own.

    For homework, please choose a playlist theme e.g. “songs of my childhood”, or “songs that remind of…” ……[Read more]

  • Hey,

    Today we worked from unit 5A. We talked about multi-tasking and mindfulness before trying the mindfulness chocolate meditation. Then we moved on to Distancing, a way to talk about things without committing an opinion or saying you believe it to be true.

    For homework pick a news headline from exercise 5 on page 45. and try to write the…[Read more]

  • Hi guys,

    Today we worked with the prepositions on page 31 – you have to learn these prepostions, but there´s no rule, unfortunately!

    Then we worked with the next unit using BE ABLE TO.

    For homework i want you to do a writing. These will be marked and given back to you to correct.

    Please write an informal email thanking someone for have…[Read more]

  • Hi guys,

    Today we played Kahoot to practice the comparatives and superlatives again, bfore talking and reading about stereotypes of men and women.

    Then we did someting very important. When to use articles (A/an, The, or nothing).

    If you werent here today, please take a look at the grammar page on 137 and do the exercises.

  • Hi Guys,

    Today we practiced the adjectives from last week a little before moving on to the Inversions again. We played around with some, creating new ones and using last week´s homework to turn the inversions back into normal sentences. Then we practice them some more by each writing the beginning, and passing them to someone else to finish.…[Read more]

  • Hi guys,

    Today we changed from the present perfect continuous and started talking about life hacks. We used Bored Panda to look at a few life hacks first to get an idea of what they were before trying to guess how rice/bananas/mayonnaise etc could be used to solve some of life´s problems.

    Then we did the reading from Unit 6a before focusing…[Read more]

  • Hello!

    So today we finished the Top Gear story we began yesterday and moved on to Comparatives and Superlatives. We did some grammar sheets to practice the differences between adjectives and adverbs before doing a question forming exercise and using them for conversation. We then used some of the examples and tried to rewrite them so that they…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    If you weren’t´t here today, we practiced the present perfect continuous again playing a longer version of last week´s game before discussing and practice mixing the present perfect continuous and present perfect in conversation. in ´How long´conversations you use action verbs with PPC and non-action verbs with PP.

    The idiom today was ´Wh…[Read more]

  • Hey,

    Today we continued practicing the present perfect continuous and unit 2B from the book. We played a game using that tense where we had to create questions for everyone in the class to get specific answers e.g for 2 weeks. The first to complete all was the winner.

    Then we did a reading about an adventure in the amazon. Before learning…[Read more]

  • Hey,
    Today we talked about books/films and spoilers.- We did the reading from the book which suggested knowing the endings to books may actually improve the enjoyment of them before focussing on some adjectives to describe books and films.

    Then we learned about and practiced inverting sentences to make them more dramatic using negative…[Read more]

  • Hello!

    Today was all the present perfect and revising when to use and when to use past simple.

    We started with some simple memory games to try and revise the past participles before playing a game of “i have never”. Then we dicuseed the use of the present perfect and made a list of the things we have done so far this year.

    We then did an…[Read more]

  • Richard posted an update in the group Group logo of Rich´s B2.2 GE Extensive Mon/WedRich´s B2.2 GE Extensive Mon/Wed 1 month ago


    Today we practiced the second conditional for a few minutes at the beginning before moving on to adjectives for feeling. On page 157 there is a list of adjectives that we used and discussed before talking about the strong adjectives and how they are usually used with REALLY/COMPLETELY/TOTALLY etc.

    For homework try to use 4 or 5 to create a…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    The first part of today was all about the future forms we practiced yesterday. We played a couple games where we had to predict each other´s weekends and also destroy each other´s plans.

    In the second half we did a reading about being an only child vs being a younger brother. We read and explained the readings to our partners before f…[Read more]

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