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    HOMEWORK:Prepare answers to speaking questions:

    Hi guys, today we are going to speak about things like money, my favourite actor, jobs and other several things. The first question is:

    1. Who is my favorite actor/actress? Well, if I speak about classical actors, I want to highlight people like Paul Newman or Robert Redford, but if you ask me about actors that are more current, I like Robert de Niro, Brad Pitt and specially Bruce Willis. I think that all depends of the kind of film and the actor’s role.

    2. What is more important for me, earn a big salary or enjoy my job? It depends, what is more important for you? the money or your free time? From my point of view, I know that it is difficult but the secret is a balance between job, money and free time. Personally, I prefer to win enough money to live and a lot of free time to enjoy the life.

    3. Have I ever lent money? Yes, often I have lent small amounts of money that I don’t need and it is not important for me if the person don’t give it back to me. For me it’s the best way if you don’t want to suffer or lose a friend. If I was a rich men I would lent big amounts of money without problem.

    4. Have I changed anything in my home? Yes, specifically I have moved to a new house, one year ago, I was living in Barcelona with my parents and now I’m living in a beautiful flat in Vallvidrera with amazing views of Barcelona.

    5. Something funny has happened in my life recently? If i’m honest, now I don’t remember anything special to tell.