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    Hi Daniel.

    First of all Merry Christmas.

    New Year is coming and there are people that at the end of the year think about new goals, new objectives and different purposes in your live, maybe to get a new job, to buy a new house or a new car, maybe to do a diet or simply to change their habits and give up smoking or go to the gym three times a week.

    There are many goals, every person have theirs but from my point of view there are two important things to achieve your goals. First of all, to compromise oneself to achieve the objective. Last but not least, it’s essential to divide your goals in tiny actions that you can do day by day and that they will guide you to the purpose.

    Nowadays, the main problem is that some people don’t achieve their objectives and this happens because they don’t really want what they thought so they aren’t honest with themselves. The second wrong thought is that they see the objective like a big mountain to climb.

    Now Daniel, what do you think about this?. What are your three goals for this next year?. What is your main objective?. What kind of tiny actions are you going to do?.

    In the last letter you told me that you disagree with your salary, probably it’s a good option to think about a new job. If you are hesitating of what things you can change this year or how to start the change that you are thinking, I could give you some ideas.

    I hope see soon your progress.

    My best wishes for 2017.